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Best Monday Night Football Pregame Prop Picks For Rams @ Cardinals

I don’t feel the need to hype up this game like I normally would. It’s a Monday night playoff matchup between two division rivals that have some of the biggest stars in the league. Let’s just get into the WinView pregame picks, where there are some no-brainer picks and also some interesting places where some high-multiplier leverage can be found.

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Prediction 1: Kyler Murray records more total passing yards than Matthew Stafford — Yes x3.4 or NO x 2.1

Stafford averaged more yards this year, with 287 to Murray’s 270. However, the difference is even greater than that. If you look just at the games Kyler played without DeAndre Hopkins, his average yards per game drops to 251. Those games also happen to be the last four of the season, as Kyler and the Cardinals limped (literally) to the finish line after a 7-0 start. With season-long and recent stats on his side, I’ll back Stafford.

Prediction 2: Cooper Kupp records 115 or more total receiving yards and scores a TD — Yes x4 or NO x1.9

The fact that this is actually a question is just indicative of how truly insane Cooper Kupp’s season has been. Kupp finished the regular season with 1947 receiving yards, the second-most in NFL history and over 300 above second-place Justin Jefferson. He reached 115 yards in nine of 17 games and caught a TD in eight of those. One of those big games did come against the Cardinals, as he caught 13 of 15 targets for 123 and a score against them in Week 14. On the other hand in their Week 4 matchup, the Cardinals managed to slow Kupp down, as he had “only” 64 yards, his lowest output of the season. Even still, as good as Kupp has been, 115 yards (not to mention a TD) is a bridge too far for me. Kupp averaged just under that number at 114, and no other WR reached 100. To put it in simpler terms: Kupp = very good, but 115 = too many yards.

Prediction 3: James Conner scores two or more TDs in the game — Yes x3.8 or NO x1.7

This one just feels off to me. Yes, Conner was third in the league in rushing + receiving TDs with 18. But 18 in 15 games is nowhere near two a game. Especially given that eight of those scores for Conner came in Weeks 9-14 while he was serving as a bell-cow back with Chase Edmonds sidelined. Conner played 12 games with Edmonds healthy and scored just 10 TDs. That’s less than one a game and this prop asks for two. Easy No. 

Prediction 4: Los Angeles records the longest offensive play of the game — Yes x2.2 or NO x2.9

Here’s the thing: The Rams offense is slightly more explosive than the Cardinals’, but only slightly. While they both round to 11% explosive plays, LA is ranked seventh in the league to Arizona’s ninth. LA has 17 plays of 40 or more yards (second-most in the league) while the Cardinals have 13 (tied for fifth). For plays of 35-plus yards, they’re first and second in the league with 22 and 20. But given how close they are and the unpredictable game-to-game nature of big plays, I’ll take the Arizona side with the higher odds.

Prediction 5: Arizona outscores Los Angeles in two or more quarters of the game — YES x3 or No x2

This one is really tough. As you’ll see later on, I like LA to win this game straight up. But the Cardinals will start with the ball in one quarter, giving them a solid shot to outscore LA in at least that one. All it takes from there is Arizona scoring just as a quarter starts and they’re well on their way. With a solid 3x multiplier I’ll take my chances that the Cardinals pull this off, likely with my One Shot.

Prediction 6: Aaron Donald records two or more sacks — Yes x3.5 or NO x2

I picked against Aaron Donald on WinView when these two teams met up in Week 14, and it cost me. Yet here I am doing the same thing again. Donald is the best defensive player I’ve ever seen, but I just can’t justify doing otherwise. He’s only recorded two or more sacks ONCE all season (three in that Week 14 game). No has to be the pick here. I’ll likely regret it.

Prediction 7: Christian Kirk records five or more receptions — YES x3.3 or No x2.1

Kirk averaged 4.53 receptions a game, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. He became much more involved in the offense down the stretch after DeAndre Hopkins left for the season. He played nearly 90% of snaps in Arizona’s last four games, compared to 78% for the season and closer to 60% for the first eight weeks. Over those last four, Kirk caught five or more passes three times. Given that upward trend I’ll shoot for the Yes and the positive multiplier it brings with it.

Prediction 8: Either team records a defensive or special teams TD — Yes x3.9 or NO x1.9

I said this last week, but there’s an average of just 0.28 defensive or special teams TDs per game. These teams do have defenses full of playmakers, but scores like this are flukey enough that the No is the smart, high-odds play.

Prediction 9: Both teams combine to score 55 or more points in the game — Yes x3.6 or NO x1.7

Here’s the thing: Vegas is smarter than I am. The line for this game is set at 49.5. When Vegas and a WinView prop are that far apart, I always like to take Vegas’ side, even if it means taking the lower multiplier. It is worth noting that the first two matchups between these teams were absolute shootouts, with total points scored of 53 and 57. I’m still trusting Vegas and taking the No here.

Prediction 10: Los Angeles wins the game — YES x2.2 or No x2.9

Blah blah blah, trust Vegas. Despite being the lower seed, the Rams are 3.5-point favorites, and for good reason. The Cardinals have looked beatable down the stretch of the season, losing four of their last five, including one to these very Rams. The loss of DeAndre Hopkins has hurt their offense more than his production would’ve led you to expect and their defense is good but not as good as LA’s. There's not much more to it for me, I think LA wins this one.