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How To Play WinView

All WinView contests are based entirely around YES/NO prop questions. You receive a certain number of points and choose how much you’d like to wager on each question. Each answer has a points multiplier, essentially like odds, that determines how many points you will get back if you choose that answer and it comes through.

You also get a single “One-shot” per contest, which you can use on any question you like. The One-shot is an option that can be used once per contest and is a no-risk shot, meaning even if you answer the prop incorrectly, you don’t lose any points.

Ways To Play WinView

WinView has two game modes, pregame and live. The difference is exactly what it sounds like: In pregame contests, you answer 8-10 questions before a game, then just sit back and relax. Live contests are shorter, and have questions pop up during commercial breaks and natural breaks in the action throughout the game.

All WinView contests are against other real people — there’s no “house” of any kind involved in the gameplay. You can even invite your friends and create a league to establish your dominance and superior sports knowledge. 

WinView has games for all skill levels, from free introductory games to games with entry fees up to $100! They also have contests across all your favorite sports, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, soccer, golf, UFC, boxing, tennis, college football and basketball, and more!

Best Thursday Night Football Pregame Prop Picks

Tonight, WinView is running both pregame and live contests for Thursday Night Football between the Houston Texans and Carolina Panthers. The live contests are split up by quarter, and questions won’t be available until during the game. But the questions for pregame contests are already available, and there are some good ones. Here are all of my picks for tonight’s props: 

CAR records more total rushing yards than HOU in the game — YES x2.2 or No x3.4

This particular question is interesting because the correct answer changes repeatedly the more you look into it. On first thought, obviously Christian McCaffery will outrush whatever combination of 31-year-old Mark Ingram, Phillip Lindsay, and David Johnson the Texans will trot out. But looking at the season so far, Houston actually has outrushed Carolina, 242 to 200. But 55 of those yards came from the legs of Tyrod Taylor, who was placed on IR Tuesday. Tyrod being replaced with rookie Davis Mills greatly reduces the threat of Houston’s rushing attack — not to mention it means they’re likely to fall behind early and have to pass to keep up. Even with the lower multiplier, this is an easy YES for me. 

D. Moore (CAR) or B. Cooks (HOU) score a TD in the game — YES x4.4 or No x1.7

As the clear number one WRs on their respective teams, these two have already turned their combined 40 targets into 28 receptions, 369 yards, and two touchdowns. Admittedly, this pick is not a sure thing: Moore has not historically been a prolific touchdown scorer, with just 11 in his 41 starts, and Cooks could easily be held back by lackluster QB play. But the upside of this x4.4 multiplier is too much to turn down, especially in contests with more players.

HOU wins the game  — Yes x4.1 or NO x1.8

Unlike the previous prop, even the much higher multiplier can’t convince me to back the Texans with a Yes. With David Mills under center, I can’t see how they keep up with a Panthers team that blew out the Saints last Sunday. Stranger things have happened, especially on Thursday Night games, but I'm taking the easy way out with this one and trusting Sam Darnold and Co. to get the job done.

CAR wins the game by 8 or more points — Yes x2.5 or NO x2.5

I know I’ve been pretty down on the Texans so far, but I actually think they make it close. Whether they lean on Mark Ingram and their surprisingly decent defense to slow the game down or add a garbage-time touchdown or two, I think they’ll make the final score respectable.

S. Darnold (CAR) passes for 250 or more total yards in the game — YES x2.7 or No x2.4

Darnold has thrown 305 and 279 yards in the first two weeks of the season. With the weapons at his disposal, I don’t see any reason why he won’t reach 250 again tonight.

Both teams combine for 3 or more turnovers in the game — YES x3.3 or No x2.2 

Turnovers are for the most part flukey, but one thing you can count on is rookie quarterbacks making mistakes. Davis Mills tossed one pick in his 18 attempts this past Sunday, and I see more in his future. Hopefully, someone else helps out with a fumble, and this YES should come through. 

C. McCaffery (CAR) rushes for 90 or more total yards in the game — YES x2.4 or No x2.8

This isn’t as straightforward as it first appears, as CMC has actually never averaged over 90 yards over a season. On the other hand, he’ll likely see 20+ carries against a defense that let Nick Chubb reach 95 yards on just 11 totes last week. 

Either team records a Special Teams or Defensive TD in the game — YES x5 or No x1.5

I’ll take the YES for this because of the great multiplier and the chance one of those David Mills interceptions goes the other way for six.

2 or more HOU players record at least 5 receptions in the game — Yes x3.5 or NO x2

Brandin Cooks is essentially a lock to get this done, but what other Texan are you counting on to catch five passes? No one else has more than six on the season. I’m taking the NO on this. 

Both teams combine for 43 or more points in this game — Yes x2.5 or NO x2.5 

With even multipliers, this is essentially a straight-up over/under for tonight’s game. I’ll take the under and say NO, as I think the Texans do their best to keep the ball out of Mills’ hands, leading to a grinding, low-scoring affair.