The WR/CB Report, a premium tool here at Dr. Roto, offers great insights on specific wide receiver matchups you should consider when faced with a tough fantasy football lineup decision. Is it the end-all, be-all tool that you should solely base your calls on? No! But if you’re trying to decide on a flex option between a few coin-flip players, the WR/CB Report will help you get there.


  • Rt = Routes run for WRs and routes covered for CBs
  • T/R = Targets per route run for WRs and targets per route covered for CBs
  • F/R = Fantasy points per route run for WRs and fantasy points per route covered for CBs
  • C% = Catch rate
  • MU = Matchup

Michael Pittman (IND) vs. Chris Claybrooks (JAC)

The key to any good lineup management in the final week of the season...

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