Buffalo Bills: RB James Cook Wins AFC R.O.Y.

First of all, Cook comes from an excellent pedigree with Dalvin as his brother. And, he comes from maybe the best running back, producing college in the nation: The Georgia Bulldogs. He is the perfect back for Allen and the Bills offense. He is powerful and surehanded.

The Bulldogs used him often as a receiver out of the backfield. And on that offensively loaded team, he finished the year with 1,012 total yards, (728 rushing and 284 receiving). He made 27 catches on only 32 targets. And he had 11 TDs on 113 rushes, which means he scored a TD once every 10 times he rushed the ball last year. Envision a mini Najee Harris. On a team so loaded with offensive weapons, he’ll be hard-pressed to get...

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