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Here are all the rankings, articles and podcasts for our 2023 Draft Guide. This page will constantly be updating as we produce more content, so keep checking back as draft day approaches!

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Meet the DrRoto.com Baseball Team:

Dr. Roto: Doc first began playing fantasy baseball back in 1992 when he participated in an ultra-competitive high-stakes auction league. Ever since, he has been deeply involved in the game, helping his followers win seasonal fantasy championships and DFS contests. Doc is a member of LABR and Tout Wars and can be found competing in numerous NFBC contests throughout the season. Make sure to listen to Doc on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports radio as he gives out his Visionary Plays to help people become his newest rich friends!

Lou Landers: Lou is the MLB content director at DrRoto.com. He has been playing fantasy baseball since 1999 when he was 10 years old. He grew up spending hours playing MLB video games, making trades, signing free agents and creating super teams. That love and passion is what drew him to working in the fantasy baseball industry. He has been writing and podcasting for multiple sites for the past eight years before joining DrRoto. Lou plays in industry leagues such as TGFBI (from the very beginning), Fantasy Six Pack Series and a host league on NFBC hosted by Pitcher List. He has two weekly sports talk shows on Sports ByLine and the Armed Forces Network and joins DrRoto on SiriusXM during baseball season. He is a member of the FSWA.

Ray Kuhn: Ray has been playing fantasy sports for well over 20 years at this point, and has been writing about them for more than half of that time. After beginning at Rotoprofessor, he contributed to the Friends with Fantasy Benefits' draft guide and podcast content. Currently, he can be found at Fantasy Alarm covering baseball, basketball and football for both seasonal and DFS content. When not rooting on his fantasy teams, Ray is a proud girl dad and T-ball coach who is a delusional Knicks and Jets fan and also thoroughly enjoying the Astros dynasty.

Gabe Zammit: When it comes to fantasy sports, Gabe is someone who enjoys thinking outside of the box. He has played in a myriad of league types across almost every major sport, but his particular niche is Dynasty fantasy baseball. The shortest path to Gabe's heart is usually through baseball, retro video games or coffee. When he isn't catching up on the latest in the sports world, he enjoys spending time with his wife, son and three rescue dogs.

Kyle Amore: Kyle has been passionate about fantasy sports since elementary school. It started in the mid-90s, tallying Sunday NFL box scores in the Monday morning newspaper. That evolved into season-long NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and European soccer fantasy leagues in current formats, as well as DFS. His love for sports started at an early age, and led to a collegiate and semi-pro (Italy) career in baseball. Besides playing, his love for dissecting rosters started when he got his hands on Major League Baseball featuring Ken Griffey Jr. on the Nintendo 64. Since his playing days, he’s dedicated the past seven years to writing numerous fantasy baseball articles, joining podcasts and dissecting team perspectives by bringing first-hand knowledge to hitting/pitching mechanics. Minor league prospects have been a focal point in not only his articles, but his research. A graduate of Tommy John University, he’s been known to talk rehab, as well as long-term outcome, in an area he specializes in.

Cam Giangrande: Cam is a dinosaur. He’s been passionate about baseball since 1978, marveling at Jim Rice’s MVP season. He was fortunate to grow up during the infancy of rotisserie baseball, literally playing since the mid-80s. His other passion is writing, and when the opportunity to write for RotoExperts presented itself, he jumped in with both feet. He’s also written for Sportsgrid, and now with DrRoto.com. He’s a member of the FSWA and has created two baseball statistics, one offensive and one pitching. The offensive stat is called Plate Appearance Percentage and the pitching stat is called WHERK, which identifies better pitchers based on a combination of walks, hits and strikeout ratio. Both stats have helped him win multiple titles through the years.

John Carando: John has loved the strategy involved in all kinds of games for as long as he can remember, and fantasy sports are no exception. While he used to play little league baseball, his most memorable moment was probably on the mound one day when he got hit in the eye by a comebacker. What really drew him further into the baseball universe was the love he developed for the game through playing fantasy. John's been playing fantasy baseball for about a decade now and doesn't ever plan on stopping. He is currently competing in the Fantasy Six Pack Series and hopes to compete in more industry leagues in the future. John enjoys trying to analyze all different facets of the game but especially loves pitching analysis. Having lived near Springfield, Massachusetts all his life, his favorite team is the Boston Red Sox.