The NFL landscape changes dramatically from year to year, so it's impossible to really know how certain teams, position groups and players will be next year. However, looking at the schedule can give a glimpse into the challenges or advantages a team or player might have in the upcoming season. This article will take a look at the schedules for each AFC East team and see what their schedules mean for their players' fantasy outlooks. 

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Buffalo Bills Schedule

  • Week 1 @ Los Angeles Rams
  • Week 2 vs. Tennessee Titans
  • Week 3 @ Miami Dolphins
  • Week 4 @ Baltimore Ravens
  • Week 5 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Week 6 @ Kansas City Chiefs
  • Week 7 BYE
  • Week 8 vs. Green Bay Packers
  • Week 9 @ New York Jets
  • Week 10 vs. Minnesota Vikings
  • Week 11 vs. Cleveland Browns
  • Week 12 @ Detroit Lions 
  • Week 13 @ New England Patriots
  • Week 14 vs. New York Jets
  • Week 15 vs. Miami Dolphins
  • Week 16 @ Chicago Bears
  • Week 17 @ Cincinnati Bengals
  • Week 18 vs. New England Patriots

Fantasy Football Takeaway 

As if Josh Allen wasn’t already an automatic fantasy superstarter, this schedule gives even more reason for him to be the first quarterback taken in drafts this year. Of the top ten teams with the most fantasy points given up to quarterbacks last year, Allen and the Bills play six of those teams: the Titans, Ravens, Chiefs, Jets (twice), Vikings and Lions. 

New England Patriots Schedule

  • Week 1 @ Miami Dolphins
  • Week 2 @ Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Week 3 vs. Baltimore Ravens
  • Week 4 @ Green Bay Packers
  • Week 5 vs. Detroit Lions
  • Week 6 @ Cleveland Browns
  • Week 7 vs. Chicago Bears
  • Week 8 @ New York Jets
  • Week 9 vs. Indianapolis Colts
  • Week 10 BYE
  • Week 11 vs. New York Jets
  • Week 12 @ Minnesota Vikings
  • Week 13 vs. Buffalo Bills
  • Week 14 @ Arizona Cardinals
  • Week 15 @ Las Vegas Raiders
  • Week 16 vs. Cincinnati Bengals
  • Week 17 vs. Miami Dolphins
  • Week 18 @ Buffalo Bills

Fantasy Football Takeaway

We’ve already talked about Damien Harris potentially producing less than expected this fantasy season, and when you take a look at the Patriots schedule, it doesn’t do much to ease those concerns. They play four teams in the Ravens, Cardinals, Colts and Packers that were in the top 10 in least amount of points given up to running backs last year, as well as other tough defenses twice each in their division rival Dolphins and Bills. I would avoid Damien Harris in drafts unless you can get him at a value. 

New York Jets Schedule

  • Week 1 vs. Baltimore Ravens 
  • Week 2 @Cleveland Browns 
  • Week 3 vs. Cincinnati Bengals
  • Week 4 @Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Week 5 vs. Miami Dolphins 
  • Week 6 @Green Bay Packers 
  • Week 7 @Denver Broncos
  • Week 8 vs. New England Patriots
  • Week 9 vs. Buffalo Bills
  • Week 11 @New England Patriots
  • Week 12 vs. Chicago Bears
  • Week 13 @Minnesota Vikings
  • Week 14 @Buffalo Bills
  • Week 15 vs. Detroit Lions 
  • Week 16 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Week 17 @Seattle Seahawks 
  • Week 18 @Miami Dolphins

Fantasy Football Takeaway

Zach Wilson is in his second year and Jets fans and fantasy investors are both looking for him to make a massive leap. Again another AFC East QB who gets the chance to face three of the top 10 teams who gave up the most points to quarterbacks last year in the  Vikings, Ravens, Lions. They also play the Packers and Bears who just missed the top 10. Wilson will have chances to have big fantasy games this year, so if he doesn't turn up it may be time for dynasty owners to cut their losses.

Miami Dolphins Schedule

  • Week 1 vs. New England Patriots
  • Week 2 @ Baltimore Ravens
  • Week 3 vs. Buffalo Bills
  • Week 4 @ Cincinnati Bengals
  • Week 5 @ New York Jets
  • Week 6 vs. Minnesota Vikings
  • Week 7 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Week 8 @ Detroit Lions
  • Week 9 @ Chicago Bears
  • Week 10 vs. Cleveland Browns
  • Week 11 BYE
  • Week 12 vs. Houston Texans
  • Week 13 @ San Francisco 49ers
  • Week 14 @ Las Angeles Chargers
  • Week 15 @ Buffalo Bills
  • Week 16 vs. Green Bay Packers
  • Week 17 @ New England Patriots
  • Week 18 vs. Miami Jets

Fantasy Football Takeaways

All eyes are on Tua Tagovailoa this year. He now has two legitimate number-one-caliber receivers and an offensive-minded head coach. If he can perform well, Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle have a chance to have really productive years. They face four of the top 10 teams that gave up the most points to receivers last year, in the Ravens, Vikings, Texans and Bears.