Late October hits as rain moves in to affect our Monday Night Football matchup between the New Orleans Saints and the Seattle Seahawks. The quarterback matchups alone are enough to cause intrigue but let's take a deeper dive as we begin to break down this set of Monkey Knife Fight props. 

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Top Player Props For MNF

MORE or LESS (Jameis Winston and Geno Smith)

Despite having played at Florida State and being born in Alabama, seeing Jameis Winston listed at 210.5 passing yards on Monkey Knife Fight in the rain doesn't appear comfortable with me at the given moment. Only twice this season has Winston gone beyond that mark and even still it was barely accomplished in his last two appearances. With that being said we will take less on Winston's side of the prop with the weather having a heavy influence. Geno Smith entering this matchup as a fill-in for an injured Russell Wilson is already enough cause for concern. Package that with 81% precipitation and below-average passing performances in his last two outings. It's easy to go less on Smith. Expect big things from the running backs on both sides! 

Jameis Winston LESS 210.5 passing yards

Geno Smith LESS 200.5 passing yards


This week's Rapidfire contest gets very interesting when we begin to break down the bonus aspect. Starting with passing yards Geno Smith has a bonus of +10.5, literally just 10 under Jameis Winston's more or less target. If Seattle is playing behind like many anticipate Geno will have to throw more making it more believable for him to just barely top Winston in this prop. The rushing yards side of the equation is between Alvin Kamara and Alex Collins. Monkey Knife Fight projects Kamara at 90.5 rushing yards and Collins at 48.5 rushing yards. Factoring weather into this matchup usually leans dominantly towards the running game, and no matter the conditions Kamara is far superior to Collins, therefore we take his side of the prop.

Geno Smith over Jameis Winston +10.5

Alvin Kamara over Alex Collins +42.5

Touchdown Dance

Tonight's touchdown dance may come as a surprise when factoring in wind and precipitation. With bad weather games, you want to account for a lack of passing which can also account for a lack of big deep plays. Therefore for our Touchdown Dance tonight we will pick the running backs on each side in Alvin Kamara and Alex Collins. That now leaves us with one spot to fill and I believe it's only appropriate for us to go for the person Geno Smith has been targeting the most and that is DK Metcalf. Now that we have our three touchdown scores we have to set the goal, Let's keep it chalk, play it safe and we hit the 2.5 for touchdowns scored.