NBA DFS Core Four 3/8

PG Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks ($8,800)

I hate playing this dude, but he sticks out today. Trae is second in the league in pick-and-roll possessions, and the Wizards are worst in the league in defending pick-and-roll possessions. Play Young today for a 50 burger.

PF Ousmane Dieng, Oklahoma City Thunder ($3,200)

After being called up from G league, Dieng has averaged 20 minutes a game scoring 22 points. With Jaylin Williams out, this game could be a blowout if he gets a garbage run. A 30-point game is not out of the question.

PG Fred VanVleet, Toronto Raptors ($8,400)

VanVleet will be contrarian today, as I’m expecting 5% ownership. Every since Westbrook came to the Clippers, they are fourth in pace in the league, and...

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