Let’s get the party started!

It is July 1st, and for many people today kicks off the beginning of the 2022 fantasy football season. We at drroto.com are ready to provide you with the best fantasy football information that you can use not only for your drafts but throughout the season.

Key Fantasy Football Strategy Notes

Many people think that the season ends as soon as the draft is over, but the draft is only just the beginning of the hard work. It's how you work the waiver wire, trade market and roster decisions each week that determines whether you are going to make a run at a fantasy football championship. 

One of the crucial things that needs to happen to win your league is to focus on the upcoming year and not what happened last season. 2021 doesn't matter anymore. I use it only as a basis of knowledge but it's certainly not anything more than that. I start looking at what's going on right now to figure out how I'm going to win my fantasy football leagues. Whether it's a change in coaching staff or a different offensive or defensive formation, it is critical to think ahead and to find the upside that is going to give us an advantage.

What's also critical is to figure out how to draft for depth because in today's NFL there are so many injuries and matchup advantages that we need to analyze. If we have the wrong player in the wrong match up it can cost us a victory.

The other thing that I want to convey is that having a draft strategy is critical to fantasy football success. As many of you know I refuse to take a quarterback before Round 7 of any league (except in Superflex formats). In the first six rounds it's not even a thought in my mind. Same thing goes with tight end – I'm not even starting to look for tight end until Round 9. It's having precepts like this that keeps us on target at our drafts and helps us build the right roster construction to win even the deepest of leagues. So many people lose fantasy football leagues because they don't care about their fifth running back or sixth wide receiver. I care about every single pick on my team!

With that in mind, let’s look at a few Visionary nuggets that I think might help us separate from our competition this season:

Dr. Roto's Early Visionary Analysis

  • I think people are sleeping right now on D’Andre Swift. The Lions offense is ready to play at a higher level and I think Swift might end up as a top six or seven running back this season.
  • Saquon Barkley is back! Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka will put him in the best position to succeed that he has been in his whole career. He’s a second-round pick who could return top five overall value.
  • Is this the year that Derrick Henry’s fantasy value takes a nosedive? The Titans passing attack is in complete disarray and opposing defenses with stack the box against Henry every week. I can see me easily fading him in Round 1.
  • I expect Matt Ryan to raise the value of other players on the Colts such as Michael Pittman and Parris Campbell. If Ryan still has arm strength, the Colts offense goes up dramatically this season.
  • Lamar Jackson is being overlooked. Talent-wise, Jackson is a top five player, but he’s going as the 7th or 8th QB off the board. There is a chance to get huge upside with him this season.
  • Kevin O’Connell is going to completely change the Vikings offense for the better. The Vikings might struggle through the first three weeks or so, but then I really like them to play well the rest of the way.
  • EVERYONE is in on Gabriel Davis! Unless you are playing with a bunch of people who barely pay attention to football, every expert is pushing Davis this season. This will boost his draft ADP to the 5th Round. Is he capable of 5th Round production? Sure. But you are paying full price to find out. 

These are the kind of nuggets that I am committed to giving to all subscribers at DrRoto.com. Your success is paramount and I am going to do whatever I can to help you win your fantasy league this season!