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WinView Tips & Tricks for the Divisional Round: Bills vs. Chiefs

You don't need anything to make this Bills - Chiefs game more entertaining but these props from WinView Games will do it anyway!

By Ted Chmyz

NFL Divisional Round Sunday Jock MKT Best Buys

Use Jonathan's suggested investments to get a huge return on the Jock MKT this weekend!

By Jonathan Gregg

NFL DFS Cheat Sheet for the Divisional Round

NFL DFS doesn't end with the regular season. Stay in the green with our Divisional Round NFL DFS Cheat Sheet.

By Staff

Divisional Round NFL DFS Weather Report

Don't let the weather spoil your plan for DFS domination in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs

By Mark Paquette

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Zen Master NFL DFS: Divisional Round

Just because the regular season is over doesn't mean the DFS is! The Zen Master will keep you in the green in this weekend's Divisional matchups.

By Odell Blocker

NFL Divisional Round Saturday Jock MKT Best Buys

Jonathan Gregg is the Warren Buffett of the NFL Jock MKT, use his recommended investments and watch your portfolio go up!

By Jonathan Gregg

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