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Fantasy Football Impact of Elijah Moore Trade

Ted gives a quick fantasy breakdown of the surprise trade of Elijah Moore from the New York Jets to the Cleveland Browns

By Ted Chmyz

Fantasy Deep Dive: Darren Waller on the Giants

Bryan takes a look at how Darren Waller will fit in New York, breaking down the upside ... and the downside.

By Bryan Armetta

Grading the Biggest Winners of NFL Free Agency

Trevor takes a look at the teams that have made the best moves in the first few weeks of the NFL offseason.

By Trevor Hillstrom

Top Landing Spots for Lamar Jackson

Jack takes a look at the four most likely teams to land the 2019 NFL MVP heading into next season.

By Jack Purpura

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Aaron Rodgers Trade Breakdown: Who Has the Leverage?

Dr. Roto takes a look at the Aaron Rodgers situation, breaking down who has the leverage: the Green Bay Packers, the New York Jets, or the four-time MVP?

By Dr. Roto

Fantasy Impact of Jakobi Meyers Signing, Darren Waller Trade to Giants

Ted breaks down the fantasy football implications of the Raiders' active day, as they signed Jakobi Meyers and traded Darren Waller.

By Ted Chmyz

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